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Abdelhafiz Alwefati has over four years of experience in the corporate service sector, where he has developed a strong background in finance and compliance. Prior to joining JD-CSP, he worked in the financial industry and gained valuable exposure to corporate accounting.

At JD-CSP, Abdel was involved from the outset in the creation and implementation of the business model, policies, procedures, and processes necessary to obtain a Company Service Provider License from the MFSA. His expertise and insights were critical to the success of this effort.

Abdel holds an Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Finance and a Certificate in Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering. He has a deep understanding of the principles of good corporate governance and compliance. As Compliance Officer at JD-CSP, he plays a vital role in ensuring that the firm adheres to all AML/CFT regulatory changes and implements control systems that meet the requirements for Corporate Service Providers.

Abdelhafiz Alwefati

Abdelhafiz Alwefati

Compliance Officer

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